Africa Tiers to Change What comes to the Minds of Many Through Innovation

Today, I travelled to the future Agro-Industrial city of Somali Regional State Gode with Ethiopian Airlines. Starting from 2013 up today when I always board on the aircraft and tighten my seatbelt, I ask the flight attendants…

The Whereabouts of Ethiopia’s Pastoral Policy and Development Strategy

It is known that all the peoples of Ethiopia have become participants and beneficiaries of the gains of the government. However, Pastoralists that contribute 12% of the Ethiopian population and inhabit 60% of the area of Ethiopia have been neglected and…

The Ethiopian Minister of the Federal Ministry of Health Dr Lia Tadesse accompanied by Saharla Abdulahi deputy Minister of health, officials from Somali Regional Health Bureau and other international and national representatives visited today Aw Barre Health Centre the Health Centre implemented the first-ever Caesarean Section (CS) that is implemented…

Onslaughts and counter onslaughts will neither bring last peace nor victory into the yard of any region. Actors who can consciously touch the FULL STOP switch of the tension between the two brotherly regions, Afar and Somali must do the job.

More on this read where this article first appeared on Horn Diplomat

Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Abdiaziz, a writer, educationalist, award-winning advocate and Contributor, interested in education, Ethiopia and HoA narratives. Email:

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