Mustafa Omer gets a full Mandate to Transform the Restive Region

The first meeting of the sixth Somali regional council that held October 18, 2021, in Jigjiga, the capital of Somali Regional State elected Mustafa Muhumed Omer (Mustafa Cagjar), as the president of the Somali regional state after his party (Prosperity Party) won in Ethiopia’s delayed 6th national elections happened the region on October 1st of this year.

Mustafa came to lead a restive region that human violations used to make the headlines of the formal and informal narratives of the different media. Thousands of innocent people were put behind the bars without due process and routinely brutalised. The temperature and bitterness of the gross human rights violations committed in the hands of the past die-hard regime led by former president Abdi Mahamoud Omer ( Abdi Iley) were felt in almost every home including the home of this writer.

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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email: