Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
1 min readFeb 15, 2022

The Inhumane Shooting of Students in Awbare

I am learning that Somali Special Police was shot two students in Awbare town, a town located in the Somali region, near the border with Somaliland and my home town. Those who are behind the killing of these innocent students must face the FULL FORCE OF LAW.

As we speak all the people in Aw Barre town are about and crowded the base of the Special police but the Ethiopian Military is trying to calm and standing between the Special police and the community who are angry to control more casualties. I am requesting the community and the elite in Aw Barre to calm the situation and the Government led by president Mustafa Omer rush to engage to control of this ugly situation and work to bring those behind this cold-blooded act before Justice.

This is a developing story stay tuned for the updates.

Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

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