When I Googled the Meaning of Thank You

I was with a group of job seekers and sitting for the written test of a job someday and working on paper. As I am almost the last hour of the test and were few questions remaining for me to work on, I run out of white papers, then I requested a woman from the Human Resource section who was supervising us if she can bring me an additional white paper to continue my work….and she brought it to me then I said to her ‘’Thank You, Madam’’. She replied to me “Sir, I am doing my job’’. It is not personal, she added.

The minute I finish the test I withdrew my phone that was under switch off as per the instructions of the exam from my pocket and rushed to switched on to googling the meaning of ‘’Thank you’’ in case it has other meaning and what reply it deserves after you say thank you to someone…and noticed no change, it is as I knew. I didn’t understand her reply at all but if not mistaken, she was running away from her own shadow. Who knows?



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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email: abdiaziz172@gmail.com