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What does the 8th March means for Ethiopian Women?

The 8th March is International Women’s Day and is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

The significance of this day is felt in every family that have a Mom, Sister, Wife and Daughter. Women are the backbone of every family whether they are engaged in office work or house activities, they contribute to the livelihood of their household. For instance, if women are engaged in household activities they are doing the biggest job that no one else can do it; which is raising the children and ensuring the kids are moulded and mentored to be good citizens whilst the fathers often plays a protection role, yet the burden of day-to-day caring of the children lies with their mothers. I have no doubt that nobody can substitute the efforts and time they are investing in their home while they are balancing it with other chores outside the house.

Interestingly, many women are today sitting on decision-making posts and are striving hard in the national building process. The good news is that, recently, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology did research in seven regions of the country including those of pastoralists. The findings of the research are expected to shade some light on some new innovative ideas that can help the women in their day to day work and further strengthen their capabilities in their areas of expertise.

In Ethiopia, March 8 of the year 2019, is very different from the previous years as it is coming at a time when women are holding all the top posts of the Ethiopian politics, from the President to about 50% of the Ethiopian cabinet including the high portfolio ministries in the history of this country. Moreover, it’s believed these opportunities will help them to reshape policies that are passed by the government which could undermine the role of Women in modern Ethiopia.

The few forums where 8 March are being celebrated, every government and other stakeholders discuss, deliberates and highlights the issues affecting the women in their respective countries . Today, in Ethiopia, many women are in the steering wheel of the country where the policies are discussed and formulated.. Congratulations!!! this is happening for the first time and I wish if the other African countries can learn from Ethiopia.

Thanks to the Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, for the decision of appointing a high number of women in his cabinet members and strongly having faith and confidence on the competency of the Ethiopian women.

As we celebrate this important day I am delighted that our country have the first women president in the history of this great country.

Congratulation to the Ethiopian Women for this Special day of the 8 March.

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