Too Late and Too Little

Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
3 min readNov 25, 2020


It was yesterday when Prime minister Abiy Ahmed addressed almost three thousand delegates selected from the long-developing regions in the Ethiopian context of Somali, Binishangul-Gumus, Gambela, Afar, and Harari Regions including their Party members, incumbent Administration and parts from their communities. The tone and the theme of this meeting were very different from any other meeting that was held between these groups for the memory of the country. The meeting was the main gate briefing of the five Regions Partner parties of the EPRDF.

In this piece of writing, I will focus on the Case of the Ethiopian Somali Democratic People’s Party (ESDPP).

I was expecting this offer for so many years and it is coming at the exact time I wished. Believe me, I want to say to my friends at times we glace the country's politics ‘EPRDF will offer us to include its collection, not in an enjoyable time but maybe when they are going to disappear and it will come a day that the big four works against and will race to accommodate ESDPP in the coalition or when they divorce themselves and every member in this coalition will act alone and find a partnership with the long-term watchers of what was happening the past 27 years.

To my view, EPRDF is taking ESDPP where they have already over grassed and dried up. They did not offer this party for the last 27 years of good pasture and while they passed a lot of decisions that shaped a lot of stallholders beyond their Coalitions. There were at times that they had developed a lot of development strategy and decided huge megaprojects and where the need was high in this region but they decided not to outgo by their premises of their Regions.

The integration of the EPRDF now is making only the ESDPP hear the discussion of how to fix the critical situation that the country is facing and created by the last 27 years and EPRDF wants this time to fish the idea of the very minds of the Somali that can help to diffuse the situation. The integration is happening when the existence of the EPRDF remains under shadow due to lack of coherence among its member parties and it is the only question that elites ask themselves every day.

If ESDPP joined EPRDF they will benefit but that will be too little when you see the time and the confusing coalition where even its members are close to withdrawing their signature if they don’t already. If the ESDPP is ready to hear them and share its fresh mind to diffuse the country from the Hostile situation it is facing; I am telling you that this is not the appropriate time that you will bring development projects into the region rather you will be part of the decoy coalition and where they lasted the sweet.

I am congratulating the current chairman of the EPRDF Dr. Abiy Ahmed not because he is the PM of the Country and demanding him a job, but because of this like no offer and his hand that he flagged to the brothers of the word ‘’Tadagii’’ to join the forum for the first time and need to dish on the same platform, no matter the time it is and I wish he would do the same if he had in the place form the very early heydays in the EPRDF coalition.

As Someone who is trying to apply for a membership of your part as you are the only part in the field now, I am suggesting this is not the appropriate time to integrate EPRDF Coalition, but if you do so, I will hold my application unless you persuade me this is an appropriate time and show me justifications to be with you. Otherwise, I will find the coming soon Political parts soon and join the one who has the remedy of the Somali Region.

To conclude my piece, I am recommending to ESDPP to look at the offer from the Chairman of the EPRDF Coalition from every side and every angle without undermining any idea including the idea of the non-member elites, plus include all your discussion by your party members too while you are considering the need of the poor Somali community who are marginalized who’s their development lags.

My thoughts and prayers are with marginalized communities in the Somali Region and I wish their future and development will always shine.

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