The Two Sides of a Same Ugly Coin

If Ethiopia's EPRDF and Classified Prosperity Party are not the two sides of same ugly coin; where is Ethiopia's Current Leadership's inclusion approach of those groups that were left behind for the the past 27yrs.

We knew that Somali State current Administration wrote a letter to NEBE and the houses of people’s representatives to look the Equation of federal representation. Although that looks fall in to deaf ears.

Here I am recommending to Mustafa's Administration and so called Somali #PP to boycott the Election even if it needs to bring on the table waht we Deserve if they were serious about the letter from the very begging.

Otherwise save your what ever justification you will tell the poor Somali and your Poems. We all pray to find those who can sucrife their souls even not only the seats you may safeguard today.

To: DP Mustafa Omer

If Poor Somalis have your word; go after the letter you wrote and realise for it. Push it even if doing so will lift you from the seat. Raganimadii maantay Cidhiidhi ku jirtaa ee take it out please. Midna waan kuu sheegayaa Doorkan wax hees iyo Gabay ah oon kaa iibsanayaa ma Jirto. Warqadii aad qortay Iilka halagugu Dhigo.

May Allah my it easy for you to bring what we deserve on the table soon.

You can read the piece I wrote when PM Abiy called the merging from this link

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