Somalia: Vultures Dragged Braves from this World.

By: Abdiaziz Ali

These are faces of the Stundents who were among 70 plus victims of today’s attack in the moqadisho the capital city of Somalia. These students were going to attend thier classes to liberate themselves through Education and be part of the milloins who are lifting Somalia from the dust and defeat Vultures like those who caused thier death today. That is the positive thinking and picture that any Somali Citizen student can think and see.

Thos Vultures who are dragging this Country in to the ugly side Act took the hope of Somalia this world in a broud day light in to the grave today. This is a wake up call for all Somalis from edges to edge of the wold and Act to take out of our seen and our kids these vultures who feed thier empty stomach the fresh bloods of the Elites and the lights that Somalia have.

Remeber it was past month when Almaz Elman was killed by Vultures And it will continue Somali Guys if you don’t stood from sitting and Act before it is too late and it comes to your door. We know the capicty of the Government to talke this kind of acts on side and before it catch up before it is conspired; it’s you Somali citizens and any one else who concern to this nation cowork with the Government and do whatever you think this will be defeated for good.

Yaa Allah Heal the wounds of Somalia for the year of 2020 and make it the most peaceful place in the world and make the year that they swim the peace for the first time in three decades. Ameen

Ilaahay Idin Madhi waxaad moodaa in layidhi dadka soo Gura...Iimaanka lanidinka Qaad haddaan Horeyba lanidinka Qaadin. Guys I am shedding my tears when I am writing this piece and very ungery walaahi.

Rest in peace and my deep Condolences to the families of all who lost thier brave students and others. Aamiin

Abdiaziz, a writer, educationalist, award-winning advocate and Contributor, interested in education, Ethiopia and HoA narratives. Email:

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