Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
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Somali State: Highlights of 2019 from Home to Highway.

By: Abdiaziz Ali

Every year has its even and odd things and different means from home of every family to society and at national level in all over the world and that our countries like; my Country Ethiopia. Many things that made headlines with both joy and grievances happened in Ethiopia which affected, Changed and will influence with the definition of this country. In this farewell piece I will be focused on major things that happened in Somali State, Ethiopia from home to the highway. In a meantime, major one and two of that of the country will not be empty as well.


Tob leadership dispute: Somali Regional Deputy President Mustafa Omer and Chairman of Somali Democratic Part and Ethiopia’s Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation Ahmed Shide disputed each other. These two figures had their own groups and motives in their back. They put their war in words through Social media and other media very badly. The Current government of Somali lead by Mustafa told the Media that Ahmed Shide with groups loyal to Former Somali President Abdi Mohamoud Omer and TPLF trying to dis log from the post. Later the dispute between the two officials were intervened by prime minister Abiy Ahmed and hosted them in his office and instructed them to settle their difference and focus on the ongoing works in the region.

Tenth General Assembly of Somali Democratic Party: Mustafa and Ahmed Shide disputed also holding the general assembly of SDP. There were several times that Mustafa announced the conferee while Shide came and postponed as well. This taught the Public that the two are not even written on same book let alone that they are in same page. After time the conference happen and in the conclusion of the conference Abiy Ahmed (PHD), chairman of the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Chairman of the EPRDF of that time attend the conclusion ceremony, advised Somali Politicians to push their political activity further and play their role in the national politics in the center. Abiy expressed his hope that SDP will play an important role in the struggle in and realization of the creating of unified party.

Ogaden National Liberation Front(ONLF): early January, the General Secretary of ONLF Abdirahman Sheikh Ak Maaday, held a press conference in Jigjiga, the Somali Regions’ Capital City, that ONLF will find its Solution of the Region through peaceful means. Meaning we will search our ambition through election after Decades of jungle. Parallel to this press again, in another interview that Maaday gave the Ethiopian Media in Addis Ababa, said, if Ethiopia Government cares the Constitutional rights of Somali People, the question of the Separation will not be in an option. ONLF’s conference held also in Gode, Somali. In that Conference they did a farewell for their long-term leader Admiral Mohamed Omer and Elected Abdirahman Maaday for their Chairman.

Ethiopia People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front ( EPRDF) Merging Offer: Prime minister Abiy Ahmed addressed almost three thousand delegates selected from the long developing regions in the Ethiopian context of Somali, Binishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and Afar Region’s party Chairs, regional Presidents and other parts of their community; Elite, traditional leaders to merge with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front that he leads and form what he called a united party; and offered parties like Somali Democratic Party. The tone and the theme of that meeting was very different of any other meeting that held between these groups in the memory of Ethiopian country’s political arena. The meeting was the main gate briefing of these four Region’s peripheral parties. Later all year discussion within EPRDF coalition and these Region’s parties finally Somali Democratic party dissolved and merged with three parties of EPRDF and form a new part engineered by Abiy Ahmed and named Prosperity Party with other.

Critics of the Somali Administration: the biggest critics of the administration led by Mustafa was Corruption. Those who criticize has been repeatedly narrating that there is a corruption at its best and huge picks of the public money in an industrial scale.

The Letter: Somali Reginal State wrote a letter directed to Ethiopian National board and House of federation with the subject of their representation in Ethiopia’s House People’s Representation. They claimed that they don’t deserve the 23 seats that they have now in the HoPR and putted their exact share with calculation.

Conflict Resolution

Afar and Somali Regions Conflict: The conflict between Afar and Somali was not new to the eyes and ears of everyone who cares and concerns it; it was making the headlines for decades and dates back long while having different faces and this year it made the major headline. The relation of the two regions worsen because of this dispute and federal Government was not acting to full stop and intervene. But later Federal government broke the silence for the first time in a meeting that Ethiopian prime minister’s office hosted the leadership of the two Regions televised from the state television and the two regions agreed the terms of the meeting.

Oromia and Somali Regions: It is well known that there are large IDPs in Oromia and Somali Region.

The conflict that erupted along the long borders between Oromia and Somali Regional States which later spread in to the towns and cities of the both regions and caused the forced displacement in to many people and caused the death of many has been silenced in 2029 after different people to people conference to show solidarity between the two regions held hosted by the two regions separate times.


I can say this year become the year that Somali Reginal state citizens started to use media specially the Social Media and benefited the openness of the current government. In a meantime some of the posts that Facebook rousers post mis guided many youth and took them in to ugly side rather these youths get focused of their learning or crating ideas that save the asses of their millions who seek their muscles.

Misinformation: this year become also the year that misinformation is all most every post that these guys made on their daily bases and they made social media the open highway of misinformation.

Awards Wining

As everyone deserves what he deserves; this year came the year two institutions in the world recognized the roles of two top Somali State Figures and received an award. The two figures are Somali Regional Deputy president Mustafa Omer and Ethiopia Minster of Finance Ahmed Shide. Where they got the awards is like below.

Bahir Dar University: Somali State deputy President Mustafa Omer received Bahir Dar University’s Medal of Wisdom at the Source of the Blue Nile for Inspirational Leadership 'given in recognition of his role in steering the region off from a deep political and security crisis as well for his efforts in advancing peace, reconciliation and cooperation across the country.

Financial Afrik Magazine: Ethiopian Mister of Finance and Economic Cooperation Ahmed Shide has been awarded for the best finance minster of the 2019 financial Afrik Magazine awards.

Internal Displaced peoples (IDPs)

Early of the is ending year of 2019, Ethiopia Prime Minister His Excellence Abiy Ahmed (PHD), Addressed to the Ethiopian Member of Parliament and talked about many issues like; Defense Force, Universities and Bringing Criminals to the Court and even IDP situations. In his speech he said in front of the MP that ninety percent (90%) of the IDP are retuned back to their original places while the Somali region is still hosting the highest number of IDPs both conflict and drought induced scattered in a very concentrated camps in like, from Qoloji to Gabagabo, Adadle, Wardheer, Awbarre, Moyale and many more are staying in their relative in the towns of the region. I don’t what happen to him at that but still I am telling that Internal displaced of Somali Regional Sates from Drought to Conflict farewell this year too from the camps and still thrived durable solutions that your government.

Ten Million to Amhara State: Somali State Deputy Mustafa Omer donated ten million Ethiopian Birr on the Fund-raising ceremony organized by Amhara Regional State in Sheraton Hotel of Addis Ababa which was aimed to support Internally Displaced ethnic Amhara IDPs. Lots said ‘’to donate to innocent people who are in need is good gesture’’ but donating when your own people are suffering in a same situation raised a different question, like the ones Somali Region citizens are raised. Questions such as: when will Somali region organize the same platform and expect similar contributions from other Regions? Later the national bank of Ethiopia donated huge money to all IDPs of the country.

International Community Flow and Donors

This year the flow of the international community was highly increased from Ambassadors of different countries who have embassies in Ethiopia to Business men from turkey and UAE and Humanitarian Resilience and Donor Group. I have participated in different missions these international Community. People pint this flow of international community just because the openness that Ethiopia shows and that of minds who lead the region now. I know at times it was very hard to take one donor in to deep fields and where their money deserves because of the restrictions of the previous diehard Government from federal to regional state.

Public Lectures

The year of 2019 become a year that figures who have a heavy weight in the world and Africa specially in East Africa reached, like Professor Abdi Ismael Samater, Professor Abdi Hashi, Felix Horne and Faisal Abdi Roble. These guests are being hosted by Jigjiga University and Lectured they’re by different topic like; ‘’Somali Region and Human Right’’ in conversation with Felix Horn Senior researcher of Human right in Ethiopia and Eretria. In this event he briefed the Crowd how he come up with his research of the Jail Ogaden report while all the access was denied touching the base.

Faisal Roble: Faisal Roble who is a widely read essayist, student of Social change and a Principal City Planner for Los Angeles and Member of Horn of Africa Journal editorial board is lecturing today December 30, 2019 this topic ‘’ State Formation in Ethiopia’’.

Prof. Abdi- Hashi: Hashi has been teaching computer science at Santa Ana College and Chapman university both in California since 1988. Prof Hashi lectured in a crowd organized Jigjiga University with the theme of in ‘’ Pan-Somalism and Today’s Circumstances’’. Prof. Abdi Ismail Samater: Samater is Somali Scholar, writer and professor of geography. Prof. Samater reaches this year to Somali sate and lectured in Jigjiga University with the theme ‘’ From Shared Values to Common Citizenship’’ and other one with the theme ‘’ Which way is taken to get a government with Equality’’


Few demonstrations happen this year in these demonstrations the major one that happen last month of 2019 December. In this demonstration Lots of people from all kinds of walks from students to business Owners to Youth and Religious and in Jigjiga city came out today to for Peaceful demonstration to denounce the burning of the mosques and Muslims owned properties Motta of Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

This demonstration was peaceful but turned in to ugly one when it took in to grave one students and was the demise of his left home. Really it was very worrisome for a parent who sent their kid to school and later received his dead body of their beautiful Boy. In this demonstration a live ammunition was head initially that later hit young boy in front of the Jigjiga Secondary school. Somali Government told that some of the demonstrator who were small remains of what they call Heego tried to hijack the peaceful Demonstration in to ugly one, but later police saved that click immediately.


A famous Poet and play writer who was bure Somali Revolutionist, Library, Conscious, Mother tongue and play writer of Somali Community as well as Pan Africanist who wrote the play of in “Afrikaay Sidaadaba Sacbaad Xoolo leedahay’’ meaning in English ‘’ Categorically Africa, you have a Cow from Livestock’’ performed in front of organization for African Union held in Moqadisho in 1974 Abwaan Mohamud Abdullahi (Ak Singub), died in Ethiopia and buried here in Somali Region. The death of Abwaan Singub structed many of Somali community from everywhere of the world as a thunderbolt out of the blue.

I got a privilege to attend his funeral together with different people from Governments Representative to different attendees who said something about Singub’s life and everyone over their confirmed that he was true Somali. As a normal person most of the people invest their time and energy to themselves and their Family to be good and lead by example; but that has never not worked with Abwaan Singub, he devoted and invested his entire live and time his Community to be good and lead by example at all time. May Allah Rest in Soul in Peace Ameen.


This year the stories that made the headline in here in Somali region where many I will touch one or two that is most touched the community and can change the Equation.

Grade 12 Exam: this year grade two eleven exam death sentence of many students when out of 12 thousand students who sat the exam only 2000 got the marks that they can join to the different universities of Ethiopia.

Awbarre Library: Awbarre Secondary and Preparatory School’s Library located in Somali Regional Sate, Ethiopia has been totally burnt last night in 2019 by an unknown Case. The School I went in my secondary and taught by two solid years after I Graduate from University. This library was like no other and full of world wisdom. From all Ethiopia to Somali Regional State and that of Peace lovers, Friends of justices and Pen-lord Community of Awbarre lost an Asset today. Worrisome indeed.

The library was like no other and full of books as you can see the Pictures in the link below. when I heard the news I really fell from the Stand not because Awbarre is my place and where I get grown but because I know what is like to lose all that wisdom that is no more today.... Subhanalaah. I physically get sick when I leant the news that Awbarre Library is no more in the Somali Region’s Parcel any more.

This is school is built by Community furnished even transported the books that was filled in the burnt library from around the world like, Canada, America and many places after a good mobilization that Diaspora who were Originally from this District.


In this sub title I want to mention some of the major stories that made the highlight of this 100 million complex nations and nationalities. The stories that made the major headlines in my country was: from death of the generals and Amhara Regional Deputy President Ambachew to Sidama protest of statehood questions and referendum and Nobel peace Prize that made former lieutenant Colonel the Nobel laurate H.E PM Abiy Ahmed.

Outlook of 2020

First and foremost, I am asking the almighty Allah to make my country Ethiopia peace and property one and a year that we all heal the wounds of the previous years and the one that corrects whatever went wrong ameen. From Somali sate the coming year of 2020 for sure will be the year of even that Somali regional state Elite open their eyes broaden their mentality outside of the box and see Big picture.

In the coming year I am expecting also Somali regional sate people will have their choice and elect those who represent them through their sector ballot and benefit that the little democracy that PM Abiy Engineered and take the most benefit in the coming election if it happens at all.


I am taking to conclude this farewell piece of 2019 and Outlook of the 2020 some words of a song Narrated by Best Somali Singer may Allah rest his Soul in Peace, Mohammed Saleebaan Tubeec.

In Somali.

Sanad Waliba Hoodiyo

Hawl iyo Dhibaatiyo

Wuxuu Hadimo Leeyahay

Waa Laga Helaayoo

Hadhaw Lagu Axasuustaa

In English

Every Year is Later Remembered

For the Opulence, Goodness and Burden

And Troubles gained from It.

Be an All Yearned One

Which favors Us.

Good by 2019. Welcome 2020

Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationist, Freelance Writer, Award Winning Campaigner and Education Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjig, Ethiopia and can be reached through abdiaziz172@gmail.com and Twitter: @AbdiazizAlih



Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email: abdiaziz172@gmail.com