Culture: The Death of the Famous Poet and Play Writer was One of the things that Made the headlines in 2019.

By: Abdiaiziz Ali

A famous Poet and play writer who was pure Somali Revolutionist, Library, Conscious, Mother tongue of Somali Community and the Pan Africanist who wrote the play of “Afrikaay Sidaadaba Sacbaad Xoolo Leedahay’’ meaning in English ‘’ Categorically Africa, you have a Cow from Livestock’’ performed in front of the Organization for African Union (OAU) held in Moqadisho in 1974 and Ocean others as well Mohamud Abdullahi Ak. Singub, died in Addis Ababa and buried here in Somali Region, #Ethiopia.

The death of Abwaan Singub structed many of Somali community from everywhere of the world as a thunderbolt out of the blue.

I got a privilege to attend his funeral together with different people from representative of HOA Governments to different walks of Somali Community said lots about Singub’s life. Everyone who get the microphone on his funeral confirmed that he was true Somali and detailed like this; as a normal person most of the people invest their time and energy to themselves and their Family to be good and lead by example; but that has never worked with Abwaan Singub; he devoted and invested his entire live and time to his Community to be good and lead by example at all time in the world.

May Allah Rest in Soul in Peace Ameen.

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