My Visit to Adma Science and Technology University

I am here today at Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU ) where I have graduated 12 Solid years. When I have enrolled in This place its name was Teacher’s College and changed the name after a year to Adama University and Graduated like that but the name now is like I mentioned above, ASTU. The reason I just went here yesterday on December 10, 219 is to demand my Original Degree and say hi to my former Universitymates who are teaching here and my teachers in case they are around. After I have done my first objective I met with my teachers and Classmates and gripped our lunch in what University students call Staff Longe.

There is a big transformation between this time. Lots of facilities, Buildings, and different programs up to a Ph.D. plus many more things. Stay tuned for the tale of this University after my trip to Insha Allah.



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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Writer, educationalist, award-winning campaigner and education advocate, and SDM best 2019 Contributor, mainly focused on Ethiopia and the HoA narratives.