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1 min readJun 21, 2020

Mohamud Abdulahi Isse (Singub) In obituary

The nature tells us the life of every one regardless of his or her social stature will come to an end and it was with a heavy heart to have learned the untimely death of Abwaan Singub albeit I was very fortunate to have attended his funeral. The passing of someone like Singub is never easy. He was a playwright, composer, poet, comedian and pan Africanist of the first order.

Abwaan Singub left behind an ocean of literature that we can treasure and he will forever remain in the hearts and minds of Somalis. Abwaan Singub devoted his entire life for the good of the Somali people at large and led by example. May Allah rest Abwaan Singub in Janah.

The other Somali poets and singers in attendance were Cabdi Qays, Maxamed dacar and Laabsalaax.

Finally, I would like to conclude my piece with Abwaan Laabsaalax’s tribute to Abwaan Singub which is:


Waxa Guuray Samawade!
Waxa Go’ay Qof Saalixa!
Nuur Siraadan Baa Damay!
Sawrac iyo Af baa Gudhay!
Dhaqanbaa Sabooloo!
Sahankii Dadkaa Tagay!
Dhuq Xoraa Sagootiyey Sabadiyo Rugteenii! Waxa tagay Sannado badan Nin Bulshooy Ku Sixi jiray!
Suuganyahay xidiiskiyo Murti kuu Sargoyn jiray! Oo Dantaada Kula Siday!

Rest In Peace.

I wrote this obituary on this day, one year ago when the Abwaan’s body was buried here in Jigjiga and appeared first on here.

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