Jigjiga: Peaceful Demonstration Turned IntoUgly One.

Lots of people from all kinds of walks of Muslims from students to business Owners to Youth and others in Jigjiga city came out today for Peaceful demonstrations to denounce the burning of the mosques and Muslims owned properties n Motta of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. I noticed this Demonstration from Bajaj rider (Bajaaj is a three-wheel car that is common in the streets of Jigjiga and the major transporter of the city) and requested to drop me at my office and told me that the main road is closed and will take you through an alternative path. I asked why they have closed? he said there is ‘Salama Self Iyatekahedenew’ in Amharic (A peaceful demonstration is going on). Then we moved to go towards where my office is.

When I reached t my office and stayed for quite some time one of my colleagues received a call from his mother and asked a question one of the questions was are your kids in the school? The moment he finishes he informed us there is a sound of live ammunition that is being heard at the center of the town. The minute he said that I left from the office and rushed to go my home just because my home is at the center of the city and to reach as the kid and two attendants whom we are relative were the only in the house and got afraid they may get confused when they heard the pullet as my wife also goes outdoor for work.

Just as I stand the main asphalt road to catch a Bajaj, I saw Somali police who are dispersing every gathering they see around.

Then I started hearing the pullets and even fired very near to where I stood than Yaa Allah Save us from the Evil I shouted. As I stand still lots of police vehicles filled by too many Somali Special Police are running and rushing to the downtown and to the Direction of Jigjiga University. Finally, y I got the Bajaaj and leave the place to reach my house through hectic roads rough roads, and lots of checkpoints. At times the checkpoints trying to change our direction and commanding us to other place I go close and told them that I am rushing to home where I left only kids rushing to reach…thanks to them they respected me and let go and thanks to Allah I reached home and my wife did the same and met her there at the same time.

As I stand on the road to catch my Bajaaj, I asked some people who were coming the side where pullets are being heard told me that some of the demonstrator trying to hijack the peaceful Demonstration in to ugly one and Security forces are trying to protect that attempt of tuning in to ugly.

The moment I reached my house I started tweeting what is going on in the City of Jigjiga and supported some of the pictures I too silently took when I was on the road and waiting for the Bajaj. I am not a qualified journalist who can connect the dots and report from where ammunitions happens, but just I am enough just to tell what is happing at least 🤣🤣🤣 https://twitter.com/AbdiazizAlih/status/1209387212581883904?s=19

After a while I left to the downtown to withdrew some money from nearest bank Fafan Branch Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, there where to police who were guarding the ATM I asked is the bank closed they told me you can use this ATM but didn’t hold my Visa card at that time by hard passbook and when to main gate as it was closed. I called a woman attending inside of the compound and asked are open? She said ‘’Barabsha Makiniyat Legisew Ijajin li Cash Yelem’’ in English we don’t have cash in our hand now maybe she was a teller and asked again why? she said Asagbituwal...as I understood jus for their precaution they put where it cannot be lifted in case something worsens. But we may be open in the afternoon she added.

All in all the city is now ok and things are working as usual and demonstrators went back to their places.

Abdiaziz, a writer, educationalist, award-winning advocate and Contributor, interested in education, Ethiopia and HoA narratives. Email: abdiaziz172@gmail.com