Bring Our Students Back

I am here today to add my voice and show solidarity from the Eastern part of Ethiopia’s Country, Somali Regional State to the voices of the millions who are taking the streets of Amhara Regional State chanting to Bring Our Students who are abducted in Ethiopia’s State Universities Back.

Shame on the Current Leadership of Ethiopia's Federal and Amhara State Government; you are making mistake and this will make Ethiopian people who adore the abducted students in General and that of Amhara Region Community to lose sight of the Federal and regional government if they don't #BringBackOurStudents before it is too late and acts.

Right here right now is where we draw the line. If you try to denounce the voice of the Millions who demanding them, not to mention we forgive we will never ever forget the ill-fated tiers of the fed and regional government.

In this 21st century we live, we are pushing Parents to send their kids into the schools to lift this Country out of the poverty line. Isn't it backwardness when these Students who were at the endpoint to lift their poor family from the dust and fill the empty stomach of their Ethiopia from the dust Abducted from State University?

If H.E PM #AbiyAhmed and his government don't act we have no option but to recognize that Abiy is no more Commander in chief.




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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Writer, educationalist, award-winning campaigner and education advocate, and SDM best 2019 Contributor, mainly focused on Ethiopia and the HoA narratives.