Hating 4.5 more then Coronavirus

The notorious 4.5 formula that lefts behind Somali from the real world are what to hate more than Coronovirus as far as all equations of Somali politics are perpendicular to it and mainstreamed on every pen's ink that signs.

I am waiting for when Somali Government political positions become Competitive and when the chair( Kusrisigu) deserves the one who wins in that long line competitions Intaa kahoraysa ha igamaqnaado.

Let me tell you one story. It was when President Mustafa Omer of Somali Regional State, Ethiopia nominated his first cabinet in late 2018. A man called me that day and said like this " Imisa wasiir ayaa la inii magacaabay?" I said anakoo aya ah? Idinkuu sidaasa he added. I said to him all cabinet ministers are us. Intuu qoslay ayuu warmahaysid yidhi then disconnected the telephone.

I said that because; I believe every bureau head that is nominated will provide service to the people I am from. In a meantime, at times there can be a "Social Injustice " and the politicians can be influenced by personal interest but that will not last ee maalin uunbaa Laga adkaan.



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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Writer, educationalist, award-winning campaigner and education advocate, and SDM best 2019 Contributor, mainly focused on Ethiopia and the HoA narratives.