From Urban Wheelbarrow to an Automobile: A Tale of a Young Man in Addis Ababa

Youth have The Power to Make or Break Society I am here in Addis Ababa since Sunday to attending an Ethio Check Lab workshop on Fact-Checking that is started yesterday and will continue up to Friday on Dec 20, 2019. When I have I done the Day two of the workshop and get off from the car of my friend who gave a ride from the training place and started to go by foot to my base where I got my accommodation as there was huge Jam and just wanted to save a time for my friend who was rushing to home; I met a young man called Sam who is in his mid-25 years pushing to what I called ‘’Urban Wheelbarrow’’ which young man agreed my naming too maybe you can give a name by your own or tell me its exact name as you like. Like I always do when I see things that attract me, and I feel it can be a good tale to share with my fellows and anyone else who is in my network; I started talking to the young man as the jam halted him even. I stayed less than one minute with him and sharing our conversation like in the below paragraphs.

The young man who is Making his day by pushing the Urban Wheelbarrow in the picture. He told me that he earns this as a means of Livelihood. I asked him how long he is in this business he said almost a year እግዚአብሔር ቢፈቅድ! Loosely translates ‘’ If Allah Will!’’ I will have my car that I can transport goods door to door after five years he added. what a good Visionary and motivated young man. During our short time conversation between me and the young man, I learned that he is a man of vision. Lastly, I Congratulated him on his vision and said to him please keep it up; it is like you who can change what comes to many people’s minds whenever they heard Ethiopia.

How do you see if this young man gets an opportunity of the Government Youth Employment Packages that is falling the wrong hands? To answer this question from my point of view; he could have lift lots from the dust (poverty cave) and made it possible to the tiers of Ethiopia’s Middle-Income countries’ journey safe. Who knows? May I tell you what I used the ‘’Young Man’’ and you will side with me. I used the Young Man instead of his real name just because to show his age category to grab the attention of the youth who are sitting Simply while they have Skilled and waiting for the government to give them a job to wake up as there are too many works that they can do; let it be this one that Sam is engaged.

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Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email:

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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email: