Every thing Deserves what it Gets: The Award of my Pen's Work.

By: Abdiaziz Ali.

Somali Digital Media announced yesterday their best contributors in the year of 2019. It is being an honour for me that I am one of their best contributors in 2019. I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole team of this media from editor to Editor in Chief for the recognition of discharging my social responsibility of locating better Ethiopia in general and that of my Somali through my pen.

My pen started the journey by mid 2010 and get published my first Article January 1, 2012 after struggle and Improvement on different Somali websites like; Idhanka, Subulahanews, Gaafo and Gobyaray. In a meantime my Pen and SDM started the travel on January 12, 2019 ans travelled together for long journey with ups and downs in the year of 2019 which i marked the year that my Pen matured and went huge milestone. Will write a separate piece about the history of my pen what it has been through so that any one who is willing to join the writing world can learn from my almost decade wheels.

SDM took my pen in front of the eyes that are deserved to read. At times there were some pieces criticising the central Government’s fairness and Inclusion narratives that only SDM published while others couldn’t do it just because it was a hard-line idea or else who knows?

I remember one of my by-lines that they publish on World Teachers’ Day 2019 which later published by UNESCO ref; and without their initial publish let alone UNESCO the hundredth who sent their Congratulations after SDM published wouldn't see and access it. My success that I made in 2019 SDM took big role.

Mega thanks SDM for recingising my role and the proposal of awarding me this Award. It makes me meaning and will boost my career from Profession to Pen-lord in the Future.

One may ask why Abdiaziz is throwing all these praise to SDM which is fair question that someone who doesn't know one thing or two about what is like to write your in your pen and see what your pen wrote published can raise. Simple answer is like this; What ever you write is good to document either in hard or digital so that when you leave this world for good your legacy will remain and every one who needs to see what you have contributed to your society and see how you discharged your Social Responsibility Role in this hitech world will just click your name and e-mail in any of the search engines or just visit directly to SDM and where else published your pen.

Secondly, whatever you write needs to go in front of readers who interests what you are writing and where you are writing about so that you need the tool that takes it in to in front of those group by whatever Platform that is convenience with them from Facebook Page, to Website and Twitter. Then SDM become the tool who took my pen into this group bay all the above means it has.

On the other side I don’t forget huge readers who engaged with SDM and has been giving the read it deserves every by-line on SDM and elsewhere and giving me Constructive feedback that maters my tiers to become heavy weight writer someday in the Future Insha Allah.

To see the announcement click this link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=588751881975118&id=291136205070022

Bahda SDM Sharaf iyo Milgo kunoolaada

Abdiaziz, a writer, educationalist, award-winning advocate and Contributor, interested in education, Ethiopia and HoA narratives. Email: abdiaziz172@gmail.com