Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
2 min readDec 13, 2019


Ethiopia’s Secondary & Preparatory School Library is Burnt by an Unknown Case.

By : Abdiaziz Ali

Awabarre Secondary and Preparatory School’s Library located in Somali Regional Sate, Ethiopia has been totally burnt last night on December 12, 2019 by an unknown Case.The School i went in my secondary and taught by two solid years after i Gratuat from University . This library was like no other and full of world wisdom. From all Ethiopia to Somali Regional State and that of Peace lovers, Friends of justices and Pen-lord Community of Awabare lost an Assset today. Worrisome indeed.

The library was like no other and full of books as you can see the Pictures in the link below. when I heard the news I really fell down from the Stand..not beacuse Awabarre is my place wand where I get grown but beacuse I now waht is like to loose all that wisdom that is no more today.....Subhanalaah. I physicallly get sick when I leant the news that #AwbarreLibrary is no more in the Somali Region’s Parcel any more.

This is school is built by Communty farnishedand even transported the books that was filled in the burnt library from arround the world like, Canada, America and many places after a good mobilization that Diaspora who where Originaly from this District.

I am here requesting all of of the Elite from edge to edge to Act and show their Support to the Communty who are crying since last night and standing up to now in the Awbarre Senior Awbarre Senior Secondary and preparatory School compound up to now and Stand with Somali Government to Invistaigate.

In addition to that, take your part that any bad guys take this as an opportunity and throw in and arround thier Fake news and Hatred meesage wich will affect human lifes later.

I will tell you more of this Story in a my piece that I am doing and will share soon Insha Allah.

Stay tuned for Update.




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