Before Covid-19 Arrived into this 100 + Country

On this day one year ago it was the second day of the last field visit I started and ended on this date. It was before the global Covid-19 arrived in this 100 plus million country. The next field plan could be in late March 20220 but couldn’t make it as we are sent to teleworking due to a virus that is making headlines and changing how we think, wears, traditional hanging of loved ones, travel and live even and finally changed the workplace.

I miss the fields and the moments I used to stay with people who needed my assistance and knowing how they spent their days and nights in deep parts of the historically disadvantaged region including IDPs induced from climate to conflict, nature, and man-made. But from now on Insha Allah, I am positioned to start back going field visits and see the ocean communities who seek my support in the capacity I serve in my new workplace



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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Writer, educationalist, award-winning campaigner and education advocate, and SDM best 2019 Contributor, mainly focused on Ethiopia and the HoA narratives.