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4 min readJan 12, 2020


Africa Tiers to Change What comes to the Minds of Many Through Innovation

Today, I travelled to the future Agro-Industrial city of Somali Regional State Gode with Ethiopian Airlines. Starting from 2013 up today when I always board on the aircraft and tighten my seatbelt, I ask the flight attendants who serve the passengers if they can give me magazines like, Ethiopian Business Review, News Week, Time, and Economist printed magazines to give a read and take for good to digest pieces I find well.

I don’t read books at any time in the air. I just demand these magazines because I live in a region where we don’t have access let alone magazine a good Journal that you learn any from good pieces they print it is called Somali Region. So that I use flight. But today I run out of any of these magazines as the lady attending our flight said we don’t have any magazine other than Selamta. I said you have please bring it to me. She said ‘’ዛሬ አልተጫኑም’’ in Amharic which is loosely translated in English ‘’they are not on loaded today’’.

Then I obliged to see Selamta Magazine as the only option which was don’t like reading it just for my own reason that I will tell you in the last of this piece. But I withdrew where it usually sits. Later as I browse I wonder how it is so attractive today.

It was the best Selamta Magazine I have ever seen in the entire flight I used Ethiopian Airlines. In a span of 55 Minutes on my flight to Gode today I have read these Pieces. One of the pieces is a by-line of Dr. Eline Gabra-Maden the like no other women who made and set the foundation Ethiopia's first of its kind Booming Commodity Exchange Market if not Africa which I liked her Intellectual of lifting millions of Ethiopian Farmers from dust and fed Ethiopia's Empty Stomach with Foreign Currency.

No doubts that Dr. Eleni Could lift millions of pastoralists from like Somali, Afar, Binishangul-Gumuz, and Gambela who are excluded in Ethiopia's three decades Developments from the dust if Ethiopia would have been developed policies and strategies that fevers for Pastoral Regions. Maybe other Pastoralists like Oromia and SNNPR were under the big four who lasted the sweat in these three decades that made #EPRDF and they got better services from their regional States like insuring their livestock in case natural shocks visit their yards.

I used to read many of her stories and about the market on The Ethiopian Reporter printed version from almost every volume on Saturday. I remember a special page called "Saturdays" which she narrates over her work-life balance. To my surprise, she told me that she sleeps less just because of the nature of the work and Commitment she decided not to be spent sleep more time. In case I have mistaken Dr. Eleni and the Reporter can correct me.
Dr. Eleni is Now Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopia’s first youth Agri-Tech Incubator and seed investor called Blue Moon.

During my flight, I read also other different Interesting pieces appearing in Selamta Magazine's first quarter of 2020. The pieces I read today including Dr. Ellen’s one was about innovation and creativity. One of the pieces was the by-line Efosa Ojomo Senior research fellow at Clayton Christesen Institute, USA. Of course, one who concerns about Africa can understand these Pieces where Africa in General and that of my Ethiopia Country, in particular, are heading.

On the other side showing one common Language that Ethiopia to Africa speaks is Youth Language. They speak that youth is one of the key assets and if they are taken care of these groups, will change what comes to the minds of many whenever they head Africa in general and that of Ethiopia names in particular. Mark my word I have no doubts that this will happen sometime Insha Allah.
I am Recommending anyone who is Interesting these pieces don't miss to give the read it deserves the moment you set a foot on the Aircraft.

I want to conclude this to thanks Ethiopian Airlines for this attractive first 2020 version of Selamta Magazine. On the other side, I need to tell Ethiopian airlines one that annoys me every time I see Selamta Magazine on the aircraft which is about the widely spoken language in Ethiopia. In this narrative, you exclude my mother tongue which is widely spoken in Ethiopia Af-Somali. I believe and can show you facts that it is widely spoken next to Oromifa and Amharic. In case you have valid points let me hear and discuss them with your organization.

What inspired me to take the pen and produces this peice is all here.



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