Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
3 min readJun 17, 2020

A Graduation Ceremony that Divides Classmate

A piece of news on a Facebook post made by DW Amharic last week tells that Addis Ababa University announced its 80th Graduation ceremony will happen via live video feeds transmitting from Ethiopian Television and Addis Ababa Facebook page; due to Coronavirus outbreak threat.

Learning this news as someone who knows what its like to see your self and your friends in the black gown with the Iconic hat 🎓 and what the air looked like this kind of day in Ethiopia without Coronavirus outbreak plus all joy when all our students no matter their background and without digital divide graduating on a same physical venue and attended that morning in one of the electrified halls epicentre melodious sounds common in Ethiopia’s graduating ceremonies like; “Enkuwan Desalajuh" in Adama Science and Technology University 12 years ago.

That was the best day that Sunrises for me and my friends shared with same the mood for our entire day schools; of course, attending and finding myself there with my class and university mate plus teachers were like no other and worthwhile moment indeed.

So that, putting myself in the place of Addis Ababa’s 80th graduating students I felt down because I know what it means to see yourself all that in the mood mentioned above, and the special interest it has for those who are graduating in their first degree means a lot of jus like me; are no more attending that kind of physical venue but graduating where you can’t see your university mates, Teachers and people you care about in the compound.

In short, I am sorry that Addis Ababa’s 80th graduating students are missing the famous songs we used to hear from the venues and the FULL crowd of friends that they could take pictures in the compound for good and if other universities pass the same decisions.

I am especially very sorry for whatever feeling this decision could cause to those of you that will get disconnected that day just because there is neither Television in your home nor you have Smartphones to get connected to the live feed of your day and how digital divided you from your classmates who are another side of your situation.

I would love if Addis Ababa university and others who may follow their decision to add RADIO transmission at least which I guess is the least that can make disadvantaged students that your decision is making blind the best day they have been raising for decade-plus from their last limit

On the other side, I want to say Congratulations to Addis Ababa University 80th Students for setting a record and becoming coming the first batch that attends their graduation ceremony via live video ETV and Facebook lines in memory of this country if not world. Mark this record as I have marked mine as Ethiopia’s Millennium graduates.

I wish if Coronavirus becomes no more threat before the date so that all kinds of students from advantaged to disadvantaged be on the same platform and celebrate together no matter their different Background so that the digital divide caused by the decision out rules for good reason.

Abdiaziz Ali Hussein

Educationalist, Writer, Award-winning advocate and best Contributor, and Ex United Nations, INGO, and Govt. Email: abdiaziz172@gmail.com